Do you like coffee ?
What do you think about coffee?
My thought about coffee is :
Black or light coffee has special flavour, has unique taste even excelent taste, sensation maker !

love coffee1x

When I was sick seriously with symptoms : headache, fever, weak. A last couple a years, as always have to see a doctor. Doctor said that “You were very tired, and must take a rest, totally much rest”. Medication from the doctor with medicine were given such as … paracetamol (I didn’t remember exactly) and stuff which called ANTIBIOTIC !. One antibiotic, that’s all only make me nausea, worst ….. (whereas for antibiotic must “three times each day”).  I don’t know what’s the problem with that effects of antibiotic for me and I just got boring for medication like that and decided to stop antibiotic. While I took much rest, drink water as much as I can, but still enjoy drink coffee too, (I realize begin coffee addiction), I drink coffee with creamer, not a lot black coffee. But in fact! coffee was not affect when I was sick, especially kind of this sick, even I feel better ! I don’t know what caused it, but I don’t care. The most important, now I feel fine. I only drink coffee and be careful for food and drink water as much as I can. Special teraphy with coffee for me, until now and never see a doctor again with medicine like antibiotic or paracetamol.smiley1kecil Although I drink coffee everyday but always be careful, because its high risk to get addiction. and for you all here who never taste it, just consider about this ! Don’t try ! Why ? “Its high risk, you will get addiction !”. Except you really want to do that.

Black coffee or Light Coffee is  just one of beverage.

Maybe something special in it and maybe nothing special in it.


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